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 Conférence : 12th Virtual Reality International Conference - Laval : France

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MessageSujet: Conférence : 12th Virtual Reality International Conference - Laval : France   Ven 13 Nov - 17:53

Je ne sais pourquoi je n'avais pas encore posté ce message sur le forum.
NB : il émane des organisateurs de la conférence qui nous ont fait l'honneur de venir poster sur notre Mailing List (Yahoo!Group).

Ce serait une bonne chose que quelqu'un de l'AFT puisse aller à Laval pour assister à tout ça...

Citation :

12th Virtual Reality International Conference


*Art, Identity and Digitalisation* – S6 - April 8, 9-12 AM / 2-5 PM
Symposium chairs: Colin Schmidt, PhD, Arts et Metiers ParisTech, Colin.Schmidt@ univ-lemans. fr Colin.Schmidt@ univ-lemans. fr>
Alain Lioret, PhD, Paris 8 Univ, alainlioret@ alainlioret@>

The use of various and numerous real time technologies allows the
emergence of new types of artistic work and identities thus invading
painting, sculpture, architecture, dance, music, theatre, cinema, the
workplace, family life, etc.
Difference, Relation and Identity are three notions that are
fundamentals for the success of Virtual Reality technologies (VR and
AR). The aim of this symposium is to conceptualise the Identity of an
individual as a scientific concept whilst acknowledging the fact that
Identity cannot be studied without considering the other two notions.
With digitalisation, Identity can be an artistic creation. The pros and
cons of designing identities for or within VR become obvious upon
admitting that representing any Self will be interpreted through the
set values, opinions and experience in life of the beholder. Members of
our society that self-procure, attribute or redistribute Identity in
the Virtual World bring about psychological enquiries in relation to
user intentionality, specific uses of VR applications or modifications
to our ways of communicating emotions and doing Art. Usability issues
addressing the newer artistic problems of Identity have not yet been
integrated into long-term visions of society's needs. The Chairs are
thus open to existential, ethical and epistemological issues having to
do with all aspects of Art and Identity in Virtual Communities.
This symposium is aimed at discovering what Virtual Reality brings
about in the world of Art, through the experience of new XXI th century
artists, as well as what it takes away from, or adds to, our human
identity. Furthermore, it aims to show the impact of Aesthetics and
human identity on Virtual Reality.

Human Identity, Cognition, Epistemology of Technology, Evolutionary
Art, Robotic Art, Performing Arts. Avatars, Suspended Beliefs,
Interpretation, Intentionality, On-line Personae, the Self

12th Virtual Reality International Conference, April 7-9, 2010, Laval, France http://www.laval-
The most renowned international specialists and the principal users of
Virtual Reality technology share the very latest techniques from their
fields of expertise. VRIC 2010 - Virtual Reality International
Conference - will be held during the 12th edition of Laval Virtual,
first European event devoted to Virtual Reality, Realtime 3D and
Interactive Techniques.
Spread the word and submit your full papers for *January* *11, 2010 !*
Prof. Simon RICHIR, VRIC Conference Chair/

*More infos and on http://www.laval-*

other sessions:

*Program & Themes: *

> April 7, 9-12 AM / 2-5 PM

• *Virtual and Augmented Reality for Product Design*
• *VR for Medecine & Surgery*
• *High Performance and Low Latency VR/AR*

• VRIC 2010 Keynote Speaker:* Carolina Cruz Neira*, Head of LITE, USA, "A decade of wonderful VR achievements"

> April 8, 9-12 AM / 2-5 PM

• *Recent Advances in Haptic Interaction*
• *Recent advance en VR/AR & Emerging top showcases*
• *Art, Identity and Digitalisation*
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Conférence : 12th Virtual Reality International Conference - Laval : France
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